SXSW Hugh Forrest on Office Hours

On Wednesday January 6 of this week we will have a very special guest, Hugh Forrest of SXSW on the Office Hours show, Hugh will come on at 10 am CDT Austin time.Please register for Office Hours in advance using this link:…/reg…/WN_740bLrO-RuGJ59Quk4WZdw

Then please dip your toes in the water by dropping in to our zoom meeting for at least a few minutes now or any time today or tomorrow and get a sound and video check. Alex can give you a bunch of pointers and let you know what to expect.

On Wednesday, the day of Hugh’s appearance, you can do a sound and video check at 8:40 amWe broadcast on youtube from 9 am to 11 am and Hugh’s time slot will start at 10 am The nature of zoom is that once you drop in and drop out you can easily drop back in without host acknowledgement.Thanks,

I am really looking forward to Hughs session and I think you’ll find some things that may illuminate you about what can be done with video conferencing and we are all really keen on learning about Hugh’s plans for this year’s online 2021 SXSW.

Please invite any colleagues or followers of SXSW to join us. I already pinged Wesley Faulkner, Jon Lebkowsky, Laura Lorek, Paul O’Brien, John Zozzano, Mellie Price, Josh Baer, and a few others.

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